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On February 24, 2019, Xiaolan town held" Charity Pedestrian".About 40 staff representatives of huifeng packaging responded positively to the call of the society, participated in social public welfare activities, and embodied the spirit of innovation, inclusiveness, harmony and fraternity, which highly demonstrated the social responsibility of Huifeng packaging enterprises.


Warm City

     Xiaolan Charity  Pedestrian activity has been held for 23 consecutive sessions, the spirit passed by generation to generation.Through the activities, we gathered social forces to raise funds for the town's poverty relief fund (including relief for serious diseases), service fund, student assistance fund, construction of yuanlanshan cultural park and sports public welfare projects.





     "Huifeng packaging;With the slogan of "forge ahead, win the future" and the declaration of "innovation, inclusiveness, harmony and fraternity", we walked on the avenue of public welfare with vigorous steps. Our passionate and progressive spirit won thumb up of the citizens along the way, and highly interpreted the spirit and corporate culture of Huifeng people.




Charity With You





In 2019,Huifeng will work with you,passing love everywhere.