Lack of scientific and technological innovation restricts the development of medical plastic products industry in China


At present, China's medical plastic market space is gradually growing, but the problem is that the categories of medical plastic raw materials are not complete, and the domestic medical market is increasingly demanding for plastics, it is urgent to upgrade products to meet the demand.
China's medical plastics industry has broad prospects, but in the face of opportunities at the same time must also face the challenges of international competition and its own weak foundation. On the basis of ensuring the market share of the existing products, the medical plastic industry in China should increase its independent innovation ability, strive to create its own brand, and strive to enter the leading ranks of the global medical plastic products as soon as possible. Timely use of the convenience of the information age, firmly grasp the industry trends, improve product quality, accelerate product upgrading.
Medical plastics industry has attracted much attention because of its high value-added, high growth rate and broad market potential. However, due to the late start of medical plastics in China, the field of value-related technology and basic level are limited, domestic demand for high-end products is still largely dependent on imports.
At present, the domestic medical plastic products industry has weak innovation ability in technology and products, and less products with independent intellectual property rights. In terms of raw materials, because of its backward basic industry, incomplete categories of raw materials required for medical plastic products, non-standard quality standards, the lack of enterprises to develop medical plastic raw materials, resulting in the domestic demand for high-end products raw materials is very insufficient.
At present, the United States is not only the world's largest producer and exporter of medical devices, but also an important outsourcing country of plastic products (especially disposable medical plastic products). For many manufacturers and exporters of disposable medical plastic products in China, the importance of the American market is self-evident. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the trend of the medical plastic market in the United States in the future and to develop new products for the medical device industry in China.
In recent years, the medical industry has increased its investment in high-tech because of policy support. The policy aims to create 50-80 new clinical urgently needed preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic, rehabilitative and emergency medical equipment products, focusing on the development of large demand, wide range of applications and mainly dependent on imported basic equipment and medical materials, which will lead the medical industry. The plastics industry is on the high end.
Our country must face the challenge of internationalization and weak foundation. The medical plastics industry should make full use of the convenience brought by the information age, grasp the trend of the industry, improve the quality of products, accelerate the upgrading of products, and increase the ability of independent innovation on the basis of ensuring the market share of existing products. Create a brand and strive to enter the global leading ranks of medical plastic products at an early date.
Due to the rapid development of some developing countries such as China and India, the United States will transfer a large number of medical plastic outsourcing business to developing countries in the future, which has become a world trend. Therefore, the outsourcing of medical plastic products will also affect the trend of international medical plastics raw materials market.